This is a variety of applications using pictograms (especially human shaped pictograms). We hope you will find them useful in your classes.




Human Picsortgram


Human Picsortgram… Learn about sorting algorithms using the seesaw metaphor. In addition to manual operations, the program also provides an automatic playback of the steps of typical sorting algorithms for visual comprehension.



Pictographing … An application for generating pictographs using pictograms. This application enables to realize lots of functions, such as learning the concept of quantity related to the contents of elementary school studies, and such as data manipulation by query language or Web API related to the study unit of informatics in junior high schools or high schools.

Human Picsurfing


Human Pictsurfing … This application is characterized by its visual representation of the PageRank algorithm, one of the representative algorithms in web information search, and the opportunity to learn the basics of linear algebra, such as matrices and vectors, through the use of applications.